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  • How & When to Fertilize A ProVista™ Lawn

How & When to Fertilize a Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine lawn

A Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine lawn is a living, breathing thing. While Mother Nature can give it air and water, you need to do your part and keep it fed. Regular feedings provide the nutrients the grass needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of the seasons, the weather, and whatever walks across it.

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Fertilizing a ProVista™ St. Augustine lawn early in its development will help it grow strong, deep roots and full blades with a natural, deep green color.


When you fertilize in the early spring you’ll be stimulating growth which helps green-up the grass quickly.

An early summer application will give your ProVista™ grass the strength it needs to withstand the hot summer heat.

In the fall, giving your lawn a boost of nitrogen helps keep more green in the blades throughout the winter.

When you’re looking for fertilizers, Scotts® Turf Builder® Ultra Feed™ is ideal for the summer, while Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Triple Action is perfect for spring and fall so you can feed your grass and kill and prevent pesky weeds and insects.


ProVista™ St. Augustine lawns thrive with a slow release fertilizer of at least 50% (with 65% or greater preferred).

In early spring, using a product that offers a composition of 15-0-15 with 60% polymer coated urea, 2% Fe, and 2% Mn can be beneficial in stimulating growth.

To prepare turf for the heat of summer, put down a product that offers a composition of 24-0-11 with 75% polymer coated urea, 3% Fe, and 1% Mn in the late spring.

Fall fertilization can have a profound effect on the ratio of green to brown tissue in grasses in semi-dormant situations, if applied well ahead of cold weather. An ideal product for this is one that offers a composition of 15-0-15 with 60% polymer coated urea, 2% Fe, and 2% Mn.

Note: Before applying any fertilizer, it’s important to know the blackout application periods for the county.

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